Resort Louise Lithuania



A group of private investors launched an open competition for urbanistic architectural concept: seaside resort “Queen Louise”. The participants are expected to develop inventive and unique ideas, as well as conceptual suggestions to find new uses of the territory and remaining historic buildings to suit contemporary tourism, recreation and living needs. The territory will be a year-round destination for the general public, tourists, and residents of the territory itself. Any idea should take into account the natural setting with the remarkable landscape of Baltic shores, forests and dunes. The project aims at creating in the Baltics the first and most balanced multipurposed landmark area within the residential limits of the city of Klaipėda. The Seaside Resort “Queen Louise” will be a sustainable and green property with an exclusive model aimed to ensure the protection and improvement of its heritage. How to build a modern Resort and recreational residences in a picturesque Baltic sea shore landscape? How to create one of the most refined national destinations for recreational and historical tourism through unique architecture and preservation of its past?Based on these questions, designers and architects will have to create a story against the backdrop of a sandy Baltic beach landscape, the whisper of the fresh Baltic sea winds, and the smell of pine trees. This story will have to include architectural elements designed to create a place beyond compare. It will not be a place of mere hospitality or accommodation; it will be a place of natural attraction, peace and harmony with nature. This project also aims at raising the profile and visibility of Klaipėda’s creative standing, locally, regionally and internationally.

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